Why losing weight with So Shape?

We hear so many crazy things on weight loss. We, at So Shape, want to call out all the lies and we want to speak the truth!

So Shape, it's so simple!

To lose weight, the equation is basic: fewer calories, more nutrients. But it's not always that simple in real life... unless So Shape does the job for you!

1. How does a So Shape Challenge works?

More than products, a motivating tailored experience.

• I set myself a duration: 5, 14 or 28 days.
• I compose my Challenge with delicious Shakes and / or Consistent Meals among 26 flavours. All our meals - Shakes, Meals, Soups - have comparable nutritional qualities.
• I receive my entire Challenge at once, with all my So Shape meals, my shaker, and a booklet that explains everything.
• I follow the very simple method: 1 So Shape for breakfast, 1 free lunch, 1 So Shape for dinner.
If I have a dinner outside, I just have to switch and take a So Shape meal at lunch, to have my dinner free!
• I can pick from the list of " open food " to complete a meal or if I'm a little hungry.

2. Why a Challenge?

Why do we offer a weight loss method which work as a Challenge of 5, 14 or 28 days ?

No time for excuses. We have a start and an end date.
Quick progress and small victories. Each week you're one step closer to your goal!
No time to get discourage. Short duration for the best results!

3. Why does a So Shape Challenge make you lose weight?

All our needs are different but on average, we need more or less 2000 calories per day, with ideally enough nutrients and especially proteins to keep our muscles safe. If we have more calories than our daily need, we gain weight. And if we have less, we loose some.
So what we want are meals with a lot of nutrients and fewer calories, easy isn't it? Basically it's the So Shape Meals's job.

• Without So Shape

In general, we tend to eat more calories than we imagine. When we gain a little weight and unless there is a medical reason, it's generally because our meals are too high in calories and unbalanced in relation to our needs.

• With So Shape

With So Shape, 2 of the 3 main meals are very low in calories (the legal quantity), while having enough nutrients to cover our daily nutrient needs, the famous RDA - Recommended Daily Allowances. Your free meal can therefore, to a reasonable extent, consist of what you want. This is why only meals that meet our criteria are recommended by the law: we create a sufficient calorie deficit to lose weight effectively while ensuring, regardless of your free meal, that you will have the nutrients your body needs. . Success!

4. Why losing weight with So Shape?

• It really works.
We don't do magic, it's basic: fewer calories, more nutrients. It's this equation and only this one that works. It's not always simple to do this ourselves, this is why So Shape does it for you.

• It's simple.
No need to shake your habits: no need to cook, to go grocery shopping nor to count your calories.

No restrictions. No frustration. No hunger.
The meals are filling and you still keep a free meal per day.

• It's complete.
Your body has everything it needs, with ingredients that are keeped fresh with all their nutritious nutrients, thanks to our premium packaging.

• You keep your muscle.
Yes, the ones you've struggled to gain!

• You keep your friends.
A method that adapt to an active lifestyle, and which doesn't affect your social life.

5. Why was it so important to innovate in our way of dealing with our weight?

In theory, meal replacements, works...

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) says:
"Replacing two of the meals that make up the daily low-calorie diet with meal replacements contributes to weight loss."

... only in real life, it doesn't work as well.

• Not really yummy.
• Not varied: only a few flavours available.
• Expensive, not convenient: big pouch with no individual servings.
• No methods : with no guidance we get discourage very quickly.

Even though they can be efficient, it's hard to keep our motivation for a while.

This is why So Shape created a brand new category of meals for weight control, and this, is order to make possible in real life what was only working in theory!

So Shape, it's smarter and more efficient meals, matching all the health claims laid down by the European Authorities, going even further.

And this, integrated to a very innovative and unique method in order to make the weight loss journey a bit easier for everyone.

6. Why is it better than classic weight loss products?

We don't like diets or miracle cures either. To lose weight, magic spells don't exist. So at So Shape, we just create meals that are lower in calories and way more nutritious than those that we are so used to finding in stores. And this within the framework required by law: less than 250 calories per meal.

The So Shape meals, are smarter meals to control your weight:

Tastes so good. Our food engineers work hand in hand with real food lover artisans.

Very varied. 26 meals to drink or to eat, you will never get bored.

Real meals. Not only sweet shakes, but also real hot dishes to eat, like Mac&cheese, or Risottos with mushrooms!

More convenient. Ready in 3 minutes with water only. No headaches!

More nutrients. The So Shape meals aren't just low in calories, they are really rich in nutrients. No supplements needed!

High quality. All vegetarian or vegan (soups), made in France, no GMO, gluten free (but pasta and rice), no conservatives, no palm oil, no soya, no trans fatty acids, no nuts, no nanoparticles.

More results. All these innovations allow us to offer you the most simple, convenient and tasty Challenge. The best way to stick to it and achieve your goals.

7. But is it natural?

We are all cheering for a balanced diet with a maximum of “whole” and unprocessed foods, one reason is because they are generally less caloric.

So yes it seems surprising at the beginning: our meals are made up of natural powdered food to be reconstituted with water - aka lyophilized - and other food for which we have helped nature a little, in order to isolate only what we needed.

But it doesn't come from Mars! 🙄 It’s just perfectly dosed so that you don't have to do it ourselves, and it stays good.

8. List of annoying things we don't have to do thanks to So Shape

• Mealpreps.

• Count calories, when we already struggle to remember our own phone number.

• Skip meals.

• Eat only this and never of that.

• Choose inefficient & nasty products at the pharmacy.