Let's go!

The key : Simplicity.

Check out all the So Shape success stories on Instagram at @soshaperesults: losing weight with great pleasure is not an option with us! As a matter of fact, you can't succeed with complicated methods (well at least we can't). The So Shape method is one Smart Meal in the morning, another one in the evening and an open lunch. That's it! Let's not kid ourselves: it is the only method approved by the european law.

The super powers of the So Shape challenge.

We truly make you fitter

So Shape is not only about losing weight. It is also about getting you comfort, life and energy back! The very filling Smart Meals amount to more than 150 health allegations allowed, meaning as many positive effects on your health!

Respectful of your metabolism

The challenge is low calorie, not hyperproteinated! The abrupt stop of a method that only consists in ingesting one group of nutrients (proteins) can be disastrous for your metabolism. The So Shape challenge allows you to ingest less calories than usual while providing all the necessary nutrients!

Get tone!

When restricted, the human body will tap into the muscles to create energy. The consequence : our muscles disappear and burn less! So Shape's low calorie but complete diet enables you to keep your muscles while targeting fat.

Complete nutrition - No yoyo effect!

Let's not kid ourselves, you'll need to behave a little bit afterwards ;) By providing all the nutrients your body needs during the challenge, the Smart Meals prevent it from wanting to get its revenge by stocking up what it has missed! If you eat reasonably, you'll stay at the top!

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The shapers have understood that pleasure and simplicity are essential to get in shape. They are always ready to encourage the newbies. Share your experience with them on Instagram : hashtag #SoShape!

Let's speak
the truth.

We make a lot of jokes, because we create our products so carefully that we don't need to invent anything to “seem” serious. The law is clear! We talk about it a little more in the FAQ, but it is important to understand that the constituants of the Smart Meals are the only ones that can be associated with a healthy weight loss according to the European law. No tea or pill has the same authorization so always be mindful and check what is in accordance with the international health allegations European law here (enjoy your read).