Lose weight with So Shape

Meal prepping, diet restrictions, calorie counting...having a well balanced and low calorie diet can be really challenging. We've all been there! Why should it be so hard? With the So Shape Challenge, you'll lose fat in a healthy way, with all the nutrients and without all the headaches.

What is a So Shape Challenge?

1. The Rules

✔︎ I replace my breakfast & my dinner by a So Shape meal ready in 2min.

✔︎ If I'm still hungry, I can choose something to eat from a list of So Shape approved foods.

✔︎ I eat what I want for lunch, nothing is off the table.

✔︎ Craving something sweet? No worries, our Snacks are the best options for you.

What's a typical day with So Shape?


Lose weight with So Shape

For breakfast, a So Shape meal to start the day the right way. For example: a So Shape chocolate shake to be enjoyed hot or cold.

Lose weight with So Shape

At lunch, you are free to eat whatever you want! Just keep your ultimate weight loss goal in mind.

Lose weight with So Shape

For dinner, a So Shape Meal (you could choose to swap this with lunch if you are eating out). For example: a hot and delicious So Shape Pasta Arrabbiata to eat.

Lose weight with So Shape

And if you're hungry between your meals, you've got So Shape snacks or foods to pick from a list provided in our Challenge guide. They can be consumed with peace of mind.

Tasty and Convenient Meals.

With over 25 So Shape meals to choose from, you will never get bored. Simply mix each meal with water to create:

Lose weight with So Shape

Sweet Shakes to drink with wonderful flavours.

Lose weight with So Shape

Vegetables Soups that are suitable for vegans.

Lose weight with So Shape

Real pasta or rice dishes that you can eat.

Why is it so effective?


Guaranteed success.

With the So Shape meals everything has already been calculated for you. No need to count calories or follow strict recipes. There is nothing simpler than our method, either you take a So Shape meal, or you are free to eat what you want.


Muscles & energy preserved.

Each So Shape meal contains half or more of your recommended daily nutritionals intake including protein, vitamins & minerals. Without even counting your free meal, we know you have all the nutrients you need for the day and more! With our meals your muscles are protected (which by the way serves to burn calories) and your energy is on point.


No yo-yo effect.

To make you lose weight, some methods deprive you of a group of nutrients and upset the way your body manages the absorption and use of energy. The result is pretty bad when you get back to your normal routine: But with So Shape there is no yo-yo effect. After the Challenge, your body continues to function normally, or even better!

The only method with products approved by the European Health Institutions

We transformed an already proven weight loss method, and made it more enjoyable, varied and effective. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) certifies that: «Substituting two daily meals of an energy restricted diet with meal replacements contributes to weight loss».

Source: the European Regulation 432/2012 of the commission of May 16, 2012."

A simple and complete method, always confirmed by scientific studies

With Meals like the So Shape ones, the results are more effective in many ways:

+ Intense: a greater weight loss than with a classic diet.

+ Long term: more effective weight maintenance after one year, especially with a hypocaloric So Shape meal as your breakfast.

+ Easy: very simple method to follow.

Source (to only name one!): HEYMSFIELD S.B., VAN MIERLO C.A., VAN DER KNAAP H.C., et al. Weight management using a replacement meal strategy: meta and pooling analysis from six studies. International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorder, 2003, 27, 5, p. 537-549"