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Smart Meals

In order to guarantee the quality of our products, we respect the regulations on food products which do not allow us to exchange the flavours once the challenge has been started. However, there are shpaer groups on Facebook where you can directly exchange with each other! That's the advantage of community!

Don't worry! It's no problem if you don't finish your carton.
What matters is that you're full!

You just might get a little hungry during the morning and if so, dig into the Open Foods ;)

Don't worry! It's no problem if you don't finish your carton.
What matters is that you're full!

You just might get a little hungry during the morning and if so, dig into the Open Foods ;)

We have a solution… as always!
Take the second carton around 5pm so you're not starving when you arrive and make choices that aren"t super great for your abs (bread basket, cake, aperitif...)

Of course, this should be an exception if you want the best results from your cartons!

Our products are very very low on lactose. You will find on average in our cartons: 8g for the sweet flavours & 4g for the savoury flavours... Which means that even if you're lactose intolerant - not allergic to milk - the cartons won't do you any harm!

At So Shape, we follow the latest scientific views of the International community and the European standards: you can consume 12g of lactose, or 1/4 litres of milk without any problems, even with a very high lactose intolerance... So let's avoid the little urban legends!

For those who would like to know a little more...

In the So Shape cartons, there are vegetable protein sources, i.e. pea and soya proteins, but also milk proteins.

It's the perfect combination for a balanced diet containing all amino acids, including the essentials! That's where the only quantity of lactose you will find in the cartons comes from.

So, the cartons will be pretty good for you... and they contain no GMOs, conservatives or any other mysterious additives!

All the cartons keep for about two years. There's a more precise date under the folding of each of our little cartons. ;)
You can occasionally replace the water with skimmed milk or soya milk, especially in the morning. This will not change the results of the method enormously but it will still add a few calories that you could spend on a more filling food!
In order to limit the amount of milk as much as possible, you could try 50% water and 50% milk. ;)
All the cartons contain calories corresponding to about 200 kcal.
So you can also have a little sweet carton, even for dinner. :)
Yes, gluten free! Except for the pasta: Spicy Bolo and Indian Curry.
A single carton would not be representative of the So Shape experience and would cost shipping! So we don't give samples, but we do offer a discover REBOOT challenge of short duration (5 days) so you can test as many flavours as possible (up to 10) and get to know the method!

First of all, don't forget to take the infuser out of your shaker! And don't put your shaker in the microwave! Don't use your shaker to mix directly with boiling water. :)

After that, it depends on the carton.

The sweet ones: pour 350mL of cold water, add the powder from the carton, shake well! You can try these flavours hot: to do so, pour into a bowl and put it in the microwave.

The milkshakes: pour 350mL of cold water and then ice cubes, add the powder from the carton. Shake well!

The hot soups:pour 350mL of cold water, add the powder from the carton, shake, pour into a bowl and put it in the microwave for 1 to 2 minutes. Add water if the soup is too thick.

The hot dishes: fill the shaker with water up to the lowest gauge (150mL). For the Risotto, pour up to slightly lower than that gauge. Pour water into a bowl, add the contents of the carton and stir. Heat for 1,30 minutes in the microwave without covering. Leave for 5 minutes, covered with a plate, then heat for 30 seconds in the microwave.