Can I do a challenge if I'm lactose intolerant?

Posted by Adrien Brussolo on

Our products are very very low on lactose. You will find on average in our cartons: 6g for the sweet flavours & 3g for the savoury flavours... Which means that even if you're lactose intolerant - not allergic to milk - the cartons won't do you any harm!

At So Shape, we follow the latest scientific views of the International community and the European standards: you can consume 12g of lactose, or 1/4 litres of milk without any problems, even with a very high lactose intolerance... So let's avoid the little urban legends!

For those who would like to know a little more...

In the So Shape cartons, there are vegetable protein sources, i.e. pea and soya proteins, but also milk proteins.

It's the perfect combination for a balanced diet containing all amino acids, including the essentials! That's where the only quantity of lactose you will find in the cartons comes from.

So, the cartons will be pretty good for you... and they contain no GMOs, conservatives or any other mysterious additives!