Legally, we can't specify a weight loss amount, especially since we're all different.

But you can check what others are saying on the Instagram account for comments and results of our shapers ici.

We focus a lot more on reducing the waist line that on weight since our formulas have been made to really get thinner. The goal is to loose fat while keeping our muscles!
Unfortunately we can't recommend the So Shape challenge to mothers-to-be...
We can't recommend starting a So Shape challenge while breastfeeding, either...

Although the So Shape cartons are a concentration of good things, on principle nothing can be taken during these sensitive periods.

However you can still eat the Smart Food products in order to have sweets with a clear conscience!!

Don't worry! It's no problem if you don't finish your carton.
What matters is that you're full!

You just might get a little hungry during the morning and if so, dig into the Open Foods ;)

Fruit is full of vitamins!
But from a nutritional point of view, it's mostly water and sugar.
That's why they aren't part of the Open Foods, although you are totally free to eat them at lunchtime during the challenge and whenever you like after that.
Using the cartons for a long period is no problem!
We just recommend that you take a break from 3 to 5 days between challenges in order to relaunch your metabolism, and contact a dietary expert if you have an eating disorder.

Still hungry after your carton? Feeling peckish during the day? Dig into the list of Open Foods. ;)

The Open Foods have been selected for you to eat with a clear conscience. And do you know what? The Smart Food products are on the list!!! Why? Because they're filling, sugar free, fat free, enriched with proteins and fibres: everything recommended for a daily diet!

Don't worry, sport is not compulsory for completing your So Shape challenge :) Even with no sport you will see results, you will become thinner and you will feel more comfortable with your body!

However, let's not kid ourselves; any physical activity will be a bonus So try to move as much as possible daily.

Be careful of the opposite: doing sports without eating will give you little or no results. ;)